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 Some FTB1 Codes!

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Admin & 1337
Admin & 1337

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Join date : 2009-08-17

PostSubject: Some FTB1 Codes!   Sun Sep 13, 2009 8:43 am

#Kill/Score Modifier
;L = Kill+Score Up
;R = Preset value
;Dpad Down = Set to Zero
0x00000098 0x0a330801
0x004c2004 0x3c0809aa
0x004c2008 0x3c09090d
0x004c200c 0x95290c84
0x004c2010 0x8d0853f0
0x004c2014 0x24190100
0x004c2018 0x1539000b
0x004c2020 0x240a0001
0x004c2024 0x3c0b0001
0x004c2028 0x8d0c074c
0x004c202c 0x8d0d0710
0x004c2030 0x014c5020
0x004c2034 0x016d5820
0x004c2038 0xad0a074c
0x004c203c 0xad0b0710
0x004c2040 0x0a330821
0x004c2048 0x24180200
0x004c204c 0x15380008
0x004c2054 0x3c0c08cc
0x004c2058 0x8d8d2094
0x004c205c 0x8d8e2098
0x004c2060 0xad0d074c
0x004c2064 0xad0e0710
0x004c2068 0x0a330821
0x004c2070 0x240f0040
0x004c2074 0x152f0003
0x004c207c 0xad00074c
0x004c2080 0xad000710
0x004c2084 0x03e00008
0x004c2094 0x00000539;Preset value
0x004c2098 0x05390000;Preset value

#Quick Switch
;Turn on whenever
;Then hit select in lobby
0x00431708 0x08cca000
0x004ca000 0x27bdffe0
0x004ca004 0xafb10014
0x004ca008 0x3c1108d2
0x004ca00c 0x26319738
0x004ca010 0xafb00010
0x004ca014 0xafbf0018
0x004ca018 0x0e22f343
0x004ca01c 0x02202025
0x004ca020 0x3c1008c3
0x004ca024 0x8e0415c4
0x004ca028 0x0082202b
0x004ca02c 0x00000000
0x004ca030 0x3c0408d2
0x004ca034 0x2484ad60
0x004ca038 0x8c84042c
0x004ca03c 0x0e233af4
0x004ca040 0x8c840098
0x004ca044 0x0e22f343
0x004ca048 0x02202025
0x004ca04c 0x24441388
0x004ca050 0xae0415c4
0x004ca054 0x34020000
0x004ca058 0x8fb00010
0x004ca05c 0x8fb10014
0x004ca060 0x8fbf0018
0x004ca064 0x03e00008
0x004ca068 0x27bd0020

#Spam Chat
0x00431720 0x08cc0450
0x004c0450 0x27bdffe0
0x004c0454 0xafbf0010
0x004c0458 0x0e243cbb
0x004c045c 0x00002825
0x004c0460 0x34020000
0x004c0464 0x8fbf0010
0x004c0468 0x03e00008
0x004c046c 0x27bd0020

0x0045b238 0x08ba0164

#Explosives to Talker [no-35]
0x00000024 0x0A330514
0x004C3450 0x3C0808d6
0x004C3454 0x3C090912
0x004C3458 0x350Acb84
0x004C345C 0x352BDF74
0x004C3460 0x1140000C
0x004C3468 0x1160000A
0x004C3470 0xC54B0000
0x004C3474 0xC54C0004
0x004C3478 0xC54D0008
0x004C347C 0xE56B0000
0x004C3480 0xE56C0004
0x004C3484 0xE56D0008
0x004C3488 0xE56B000C
0x004C348C 0xE56C0010
0x004C3490 0xE56D0014
0x004C3494 0x03E00008

#The Body Mover/Puppet
0x00000098 0x0a330813
0x004c2044 0x40000000;Rate of Increment
0x004c204c 0x3c0908d2
0x004c2050 0x3c08090d
0x004c2054 0x95080c84
0x004c2058 0x8d29a9b8
0x004c205c 0x3c0b08cc
0x004c2060 0x340c8000
0x004c2064 0x340d1000
0x004c2068 0x340e2000
0x004c206c 0x340f4000
0x004c2070 0x110c0019
0x004c2078 0x110d000b
0x004c2080 0x110e000f
0x004c2088 0x150f0017
0x004c2090 0xc5200020
0x004c2094 0xc5612044
0x004c2098 0x46010000
0x004c209c 0xe5200020
0x004c20a0 0x0a33083a
0x004c20a8 0xc5220020
0x004c20ac 0xc5632044
0x004c20b0 0x46031081
0x004c20b4 0xe5220020
0x004c20b8 0x0a33083a
0x004c20c0 0xc5240018
0x004c20c4 0xc5652044
0x004c20c8 0x46052100
0x004c20cc 0xe5240018
0x004c20d0 0x0a33083a
0x004c20d8 0xc5260018
0x004c20dc 0xc5672044
0x004c20e0 0x46073181
0x004c20e4 0xe5260018
0x004c20e8 0x03e00008

#Jump, teleport [no-35]
0x00000024 0x0a330814
0x004c2050 0x3c0908d2
0x004c2054 0x3c0a090d
0x004c2058 0x854e0c84
0x004c205c 0x240f8000
0x004c2060 0x240d0140
0x004c2064 0x240c0300
0x004c2068 0x240b8200
0x004c206c 0x11cb0019
0x004c2074 0x11cd000d
0x004c207c 0x11cc0010
0x004c2084 0x15cf001a
0x004c208c 0x8d2aa9b8
0x004c2090 0xc54f001c
0x004c2094 0x3c0b4240
0x004c2098 0x448b8000
0x004c209c 0x46107bc0
0x004c20a0 0xe54f001c
0x004c20a4 0x0a33083c
0x004c20ac 0x8d2aa9b8
0x004c20b0 0x240b0017
0x004c20b4 0xad4b0648
0x004c20b8 0x0a33083c
0x004c20c0 0x8d2aa9b8
0x004c20c4 0x240b0018
0x004c20c8 0xad4b0648
0x004c20cc 0x0a33083c
0x004c20d4 0x8d2aa9b8
0x004c20d8 0xc54c047c
0x004c20dc 0xe54c0018
0x004c20e0 0xc54d0480
0x004c20e4 0xe54d001c
0x004c20e8 0xc54e0484
0x004c20ec 0xe54e0020
0x004c20f0 0x03e00008

#Force Round HOST
0xFFFFFFFF 0x0051b18c
0x0000010c 0x00000004

#Force Room HOST
0xFFFFFFFF 0x0051b18c
0x0000010c 0x00000002

#Force MVP Screen HOST
0xFFFFFFFF 0x0051b18c
0x0000010c 0x00000007

#Lock Guns [on] HOST
0xFFFFFFFF 0x0051B18C
0x0000010c 0x00000002

#Lock Guns [off] HOST
0xFFFFFFFF 0x0051B18C
0x0000010c 0x00000003

#Self Revive DMA
0xFFFFFFFF 0x0051B18C
0x00000110 0x00000004

#Self Sucide [no-35]
0x00000098 0x0e200400
0x00001000 0x3c0808d2
0x00001004 0x8d08a9b8
0x00001008 0x24190044
0x0000100c 0xad000920
0x00001010 0xa1190927
0x00001014 0x03E00008

0x00000004 0x0A330514
0x004C1450 0x3C0809AA
0x004C1454 0x3C090912
0x004C1458 0x350A8310
0x004C145C 0x352BDF74
0x004C1460 0x1140000C
0x004C1468 0x1160000A
0x004C1470 0xC54B0000
0x004C1474 0xC54C0004
0x004C1478 0xC54D0008
0x004C147C 0xE56B0000
0x004C1480 0xE56C0004
0x004C1484 0xE56D0008
0x004C1488 0xE56B000C
0x004C148C 0xE56C0010
0x004C1490 0xE56D0014
0x004C1494 0x03E00008

;Text mem DMA'ed
;Turn on when in keyboard
0xFFFFFFFF 0x0055d348
0x00000000 0x00000000
0x00000004 0x00000000
0x00000008 0x00000000
0x0000000c 0x00000000
0x00000010 0x00000000
0x00000014 0x00000000
0x00000018 0x00000000
0x0000001c 0x00000000
0x00000020 0x00000000
0x00000024 0x00000000
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Some FTB1 Codes!
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