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 [Released] Tension's Flash Modifier

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Admin & 1337
Admin & 1337

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PostSubject: [Released] Tension's Flash Modifier   Sat Sep 12, 2009 8:33 am

Heres my first joker ever I believe this is my messed up one I dont know but Im better at it now I found this in an old notepad!

#Tension's Flash Modifier
;L+[ ] = Flash 3FD (Slow)
;L+( ) = Flash 3FF (Fast)
;L+X = Flash 40A (Unnoticed)
0x00000098 0x0a400000
0x08000000 0x3c080055
0x08000004 0x3c0909a8
0x08000008 0x3529e1e4
0x0800000c 0x340a8100
0x08000010 0x09a70030
0x08000018 0x8d0bfa2c
0x0800001c 0x3c0c3fd0
0x08000020 0x358c0000
0x08000024 0xad0cfa2c
0x08000028 0x0a69c010
0x08000030 0x3c0d3fd0
0x08000034 0x35ad0000
0x08000038 0xad0dfa2c
0x08000040 0x03e00008
0x0800004c 0x3c080055
0x08000050 0x3c0909a8
0x08000054 0x3529e1e4
0x08000058 0x340a1100
0x0800005c 0x09a70030
0x08000060 0x8d0bfa2c
0x08000068 0x3c0c3fff
0x08000070 0x358cffff
0x08000074 0xad0cfa2c
0x08000078 0x0a69c010
0x08000080 0x3c0d3fff
0x08000084 0x35adffff
0x08000088 0xad0dfa2c
0x08000090 0x03e00008
0x0800009c 0x3c080055
0x08000100 0x3c0909a7
0x08000100 0x3529e1e4
0x08000104 0x340a4100
0x08000108 0x09a70030
0x0800010c 0x8d0bfa2c
0x08000110 0x3c0c40a0
0x08000118 0x358c0000
0x0800011c 0xad0cfa2c
0x08000120 0x0a69c010
0x08000124 0x3c0d40a0
0x08000128 0x35ad0000
0x08000130 0xad0dfa2c
0x08000138 0x03e00008
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[Released] Tension's Flash Modifier
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