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 how to install linux on psp

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PostSubject: how to install linux on psp   Thu Sep 24, 2009 9:22 pm

Welcome to my website of Linux on PSP. This website is dedicated to a small project I did recently for fun, in which I ported a uClinux of version 2.6 on to PSP. You will find some useful information and interesting stuff here if you are also fascinated by the potential of developing software on PSP as well as other embedded systems.

Enjoy! -- Jackson Mo News


A) uClinux kernel 2.6.22-uc1. There have been substantial improvements from kernel 2.4 to 2.6 (one of which is the preemptible kernel that performs low latency operations). However, MIPS machines with no mmu (like Allegrex) are not yet official supported by the latest uClinux distribution. Therefore the kernel needs some serious patch up before it can be loaded on PSP.

B) A configurable loader. The loader's behavior is controllable through a config file, similar to vivi or uboot. However, it only runs on the 1.5 kernel/firmware thus users may experience problems with firmware 3.71 m33 or higher without applying the 1.5 kernel patch (3.71 m33-2).

C) Busybox 1.7 armed with loads of utilities running on linux. Again, the original version needs to be patched up before it can run on PSP.

D) A serial driver controlling UART3 (the remote control port on fat PSP) allowing you to open a SIO console on the PSP or to use any terminal program on your PC to act as an emulate keyboard when you are using virtual terminal. Up to 6 virtual terminals are available on PSP. Use +/- buttons to switch between terminals.

E) A simple Framebuffer driver enabling virtual terminals to be displayed on PSP's LCD screen.

F) A new block device driver giving you accessibility to the Memory Stick (Cool!). By default, disk ms0 will be mounted to /ms0 after system startup, and there could be ms1 or more had you Memory Stick been divided into multiple partitions.

G) A joypad driver allowing linux applications to acquire input from PSP buttons.

H) An On-Screen Keyboard facilitating fast input in the linux environment, and also serving as an example of how to use the joypad driver.

I) A patched mips toolchain capable of building both the uClinux kernel and other applications running on PSP.


Download the latest pre-compiled package
. Extract the package and copy the entire folder of uClinux/ folder to PSP/GAME and run the loader from XMB.

Though unsatisfactory but it seems true that the old loader that runs on 150 firmware does deliver more stable performance than the new slim-compatible loader. Thus, if the new loader doesn't work for your PSP and you still have the 150 add-ons, try the old one by replacing the EBOOT.PBP with the on in FW150/, and moving the whole uClinux/ folder to PSP/GAME150 as well.
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how to install linux on psp
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